5 Basic Requirements to Become a Skydiver

Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating sports that you can enjoy and is also enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Although, it is a risky sport that can be dangerous, there are skydiving associations in different countries that set standards and guidelines to maintain safety within the sport. This ensures that every skydiver meets the specific criteria. Read on to find out some of the criteria that you need in order to be a licensed skydiver.

Meeting the Medical Requirements

It is compulsory for every skydiver to carry a Medical certificate with them that is granted by a doctor in order to be cleared to skydive. Most countries require this and it is important for you to visit your doctor and check if you have any medical conditions that might prohibit you from participating. If you are currently undertaking any medications, Ask your doctor if they will in any way impair your ability to skydive. Don’t forget to discuss your medical history too. Skydiving is completely different from hot air ballooning, so make sure you understand before you embark on this journey. For more information on ballooning, you can visit www.picturethisballooning.com.au.

Meet the Age Requirements

In US and most other countries, it is illegal to take part in skydiving if you are under the age of 18. Sometimes, if you are 16 years old, you could take part in training sessions, that too only if you are granted permission from your parents or a guardian. Before you apply, it would be convenient to check on what the age requirements are before spending any money.

Finding a Drop Zone

You can find drop zones near you through various websites for skydiving. Check the reviews on the drop zone you decide and check if it is affiliated with the country’s skydiving association in order for it to be safe and reputed. If you are a first timer, you could even ask if they offer first jump courses. Each drop zone offers different services for different prices. Discuss the elevation you will be jumping off and what kind of photo or video footage will be provided.

Be Aware Of the Dangers

Skydiving is definitely an extreme sport therefore, it is crucial that you know what the risks are before you pursue on getting the skydiver’s license. While there are thousands of jumps around the world every year, there are also fatalities that have occurred every year. Take these legitimate risks in to careful consideration before committing yourself to a skydiving school. Most of the fatalities that occur are rarely due to failure of the equipment as these skydiving gear have become more and more reliable over the years. It’s usually due to human error that most these accidents occur, which makes it even more important to be a dedicated, thorough and committed skydiver.

Begin Training

Once you are sure that this is the choice of career that you want to try out, and then you can begin training provided you pass all the medical tests. Costs for these programs differ from place to place.  Usually students are trained to do 25 jumps in three different types.

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