Going hand-in-hand with digitalization of marketing

The digital world is changing faster than any thing we have ever experienced. It is felt not only in products such as mobile phones and tablets but also in ways we do things. Rather than staying in hotels and using travel agencies, people are more akin to use online services which sets you up with homestays and small-time accommodations. Rather than buying and using a car, we are now comfortable with ordering a taxi right to our doorstep. So how should the marketing change with the advancement and change of this?

Evaluate the needful

Digital world is moving so fast that many industries are finding it difficult to keep pace. But that is the very reason why your company must try to find the right ways and means of doing marketing with digital tools. One reason for this is, the cost of that is quite less than mainstream media and mass media such as television, radio and press. New methods such as explainer videos in Singapore are gaining more attention. It is a known fact that people remember things that are seen rather than heard or wrote down. Therefore you need to evaluate what sort of skills and what types of technologies are required to start a digital marketing campaign.

Be up-to-date

It is not surprising then to remember that one must always be up-to-date with these technologies. Digital marketing started with simple e-marketing tools and are now developed up to websites, social media, email marketing, moving ads, interactive ads and so much more. Therefore working knowledge of SEO or search engine optimization, strategies of using social media positively, using added actions such as asking a question, starting a poll, sharing campaigns etc. and programmatic advertising like stuff must be trained and updated with the times and changes. Online marketing is a worrying trend, in that people not only just visit the websites or social media sites anymore, but also get the first glimpse of aproduct or service. So if that is not done in the right way, you may lose a sale there itself.

Save time

Learning how to properly do digital marketing can save time as well. However you need to work with a team of able individuals who knows the technical requirements as well as have an idea of the final-targeted customer of the campaign. Fir example in Facebook there is a percentage of text that can be in one image of an advertisement. So no matter what attractive image the designer has come up with, if it doesn’t suit the requirements of the digital platform then it is of no use.

Learn the ropes and embark on e-marketing, it will definitely bring more ROI than you ever imagined.

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