The joy of having successful children

It is always a joy to have children. There are a certain percentage of people in this world who don’ t have any. While they lament of the lack of offspring, there are also a portion of people who cannot bring up their kids due to various reasons. However, as parents we must always try to foster a hardworking and truthful spirit in them, nurture them in such a way that they are ideal citizens to any country.


Educating the children


Education is a gift; there are people who cannot let their kids have a decent education. So when and if you can, somehow directing the children to have a good education is the key to a bright future. This education is not just learning and passing exams to become a medical or a legal professional. It is a way to bring out the best in your kids; it could be that they love singing or dancing. Perhaps they are better in painting than solving sums; give them time and space. If you always wanted to be an engineer, but you couldn’t, do not force it on your child. As Khalil Gibran said, they come through you but not from you, so they have a separate life and a lifestyle.

Listen to them


Always listen to your kids and their ideas as well. Children see the world in different eyes; a study done with several Indian kids and adults recently showed how the adults “used up all the colours” in their lives so there was nothing for the kids to enjoy. This has so many meanings; it means as adults we tend to force ourselves on our children in many ways, not only to become what we want them to become, but also to act, behave and live in a certain way. Even when they are adults, we don’t let them go. If they wish to go to another country to live differently, we always object. So what if a ceremonial casket services in Singaporewas not found? Is that a reason for them to not to leave the motherland?

Emotions, feelings and life


The ability of people nowadays to identify their own emotions and those of others, distinguish between different feelings and make them out correctly, use that information to shape rationale and conduct, manage and fine-tune emotions to familiarize with environments and achieve their goals and objectives, is very low. Growing up with so many digital gadgets, they have also begun to think and act like artificial intelligence models. This is not the world we need; make sure your kids have your love and care so that they can feel it themselves and it is in abundance, it can be given out to others too.


Bring up your kids so that not only you, but also the whole country can be proud of them.


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