Tips to make your small garden space beautiful

A beautiful home garden is not only appealing to the eye, but the rejuvenating smell of the greenery and the blooming flowers along with the clattering sound of small insects, birds and butterflies attracted to all the natural wonder all combines to create a captivating atmosphere. If your yard is small in size, you will have to carefully select just the right features for the space so that it won’t create any unwanted clutter and mess things up. In this article, we will look into a few such tips that will be helpful to you when you undertake the project of converting your humble backyard into a creative botanic masterpiece.

An outdoor living space

While it is better to stay indoors and interact with your visitors during certain weather conditions, everybody loves the idea of stepping outside for a change and conversing with the people they love. How great it would be to bring this idea to life by setting up a nifty little gazebo canopy or a wooden pergola in a suitable spot in the yard and set up a few chairs and a table to make it ideal for any occasion from a simple noonday conversation to a fun and interactive high tea session. Be sure to invest on a canopy replacement cover to keep the structure at its best shape all year long.

Level it up

One of the best ways to make any small patio space look bigger is to create several levels of different elevations to generate the illusion of a bigger and more complicated arrangement. Set up the tree pots, couches, tables and flower beds in separate levels to show a clear difference between each and lay down a wooden, cement or stone layer to cover the floor. A conversation pit is another great idea that is of the same genre, which will create the illusion of a larger garden space.

Try adding a few large mirrored surfaces to a number of selected spots in different levels which will make the garden look surprisingly bigger through the power of reflection.

A heightened elegance

You may have ground level constraints that restrict you from expanding the garden horizontally, however, there is nothing preventing you from expanding vertically. When building walls, don’t hesitate to make them a little taller than usual and you can also use vertical gardens to add beauty to a boring old fence or a discolored wall. Tall trees will also act as an effective disguiser to cover those short walls and make the back yard look a lot more spacious than it actually is.


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